ÇİTAM is an independent think tank aiming to promote understanding of Chinese economy and culture among Turkish society especially businessmen, academicians and young population in order to strengthen Sino-Turkish relations.

The People’s Republic of China, as the second biggest economy of the world in terms of GDP has always been an attractive society due to its specific heritage in terms of culture, science and politics.

The fact that it has been unknown for decades and the diversity within the country itself has led most of the non-Asian cultures to misunderstand and misinterpret Chinese culture, science and politics.

As China Institute Turkey, we support our stakeholders and society at large on exploring both China and Turkey, and to discover what mutual opportunities can be achieved by a harmonious and sustainable cooperation between these two fast growing economies.

Our Mission

The mission of ÇİTAM is to contribute to Chinese harmonious development with Turkey and its region within the following objectives:
  • To raise public awareness about China’s values, history, economy and strategy to eliminate misunderstandings about this country
  • To provide a better understanding of China by offering an objective and balanced viewpoint by including various opinions in its publications and events
  • To be a source of advise about China and Turkey related subjects focusing on the development of Turkish-Chinese dialogue on trade and socio-economic relations

In order to achieve its objectives China Institute Turkey:

  • supports and stimulates research and publications,
  • organizes events to create mutual balanced opportunities,
  • develops and maintains projects in order to create synergy and harmony with a focus on four areas of interest: economy, culture, business and education.